• Dual path IP service; LAN; WAN or GPRS
• Also can be used as a single path LAN; WAN or GPRS
• Dynamic or static IP address
• 16 alam inputs
• 3 programmable outputs
• 128 SSL data encryption


The MX-485 network is the ideal solution where there is a requirement for local monitoring of many independent premises via a local network. It allows up to 248 Matrix control panels to be linked into one common network based on a RS485 communication protocol.


• Digi GSM Modem for Enforcer32-WE and PCX 46 v9 and above.
• Up/download over GSM
• ARC signalling over GSM
• SMS messaging over GSM

DIGI 1200

• Up and download on Enforcer and PCX Panels


• GPRS modem for the PCX or Enforcer Panels
• Fast Format IP, Contact ID IP, SIA IP, SMS.
• supports upload/downloading

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