G9 stainless steel door stations

These series outdoor stations are our new developed products, which are made of 3 mm stainless steel. The strong strength are: Very friendly-design (such incorporates the “voice synthesizer” as standard), Resistant in the corrosive, damp and oxidation surroundings.

Direct-call door stations for small building

• Aluminum material outdoor station panel,simple and elegant;
• Intercom,electric-control unlock, open-conversation,call management unit function;
• Automatic lighting when it is at night;
• Up to 16 apartments.

Digital door stations

Super compatibility, all indoor phones are compatible, you can choose what you like. Standard CAT-5 one cable connection, cost reducing, high reliability, easy installation.


• Handset audio indoor phone;
• Elegant design;
• Surface mounted;


• Video hand free indoor phone, color 3.5\" TFT.
• Remote door unlocking.
• Surface mounted design.


• Hands-free indoor phone, color 7” TFT screen.
• Super-thin, metal material, shinning and bright.
• Monitoring, remote door unlocking.
• Surface mounted design.

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